Transformations Start From Within

Published in Natural Life News and Directory, 2015.

Winter transforms into Spring

In Chinese Medicine we study nature and the seasons as it relates to health and beauty. Beauty is another word for balance. balance of body mind and soul, health of the body mind and soul. Winter is a yin time, time for meditating, nurturing in family, a time to conserve your energy. It is also a time to eat heavier foods to store energy for the coldness of the temperature rises and transforms into Spring it is a slow and steady build of yang energy, the liver wanting to Cleanse from the stillness of winter. Here are some tips that can help with this transition.

Hair Transformations

This is a time to make that new style change that you have been putting off all winter. No more winter hats to mess up your hair. Spring is a time for transformation. You have more energy now… make a physical change …just go ahead and do it!!! Women, Change your color, use more natural hair color to unburden your liver with all the extra chemicals.. Add some highlights… let your beauty shine! Also clarify your hair to remove the old build up. ( See recipe) Make your hair shine also with a really good protein conditioner pack after you clarify your hair.

Skin Transformations

Since the winter has been about conservation, your skin most probably has been holding on to all that dead skin. It is a time to renew and revive with exfoliation. For your facial skin, use a gentle exfoliator LIKE ground oatmeal, a little salt and water. Another recipe is plain yogurt. For the body, use sea salt with sesame oil or coconut oil . Scrub your body and then shower.

Body Transformations

Your Liver is now ready for a really big transformation. It needs a house cleaning. !
Go for that invigorating walk, get the chi moving and fresh air in your lungs. Massage cupping and Body massage for increasing circulation and getting the lymph cleansed. Cupping can also be added to a Body Wrap with clays or seaweed to detoxify and energize. Great Essential oils for detoxifying recipe are Cypress, Rosemary, juniper, grapefruit, great also for weight loss. These essential oils can be added to a bath with Epsom salt in a massage therapy session or simply give yourself a reflexology rub of your feet to invigorate your whole body system..


Think green!!! Greens are great for the liver, nourish and cleanse the body.
Fresh raw or cooked greens of Kale, collard, arugula, cilantro, parsley. Green drinks, or even green super foods are great in a smoothie as well. Fresh lemon and water first thing in the morning upon rising will help cleanse both the liver and lymph system. Be good to your liver this Spring, look and feel beautiful this Spring from the inside out… all transformations start from within!