Facial Transformations

Transformations – Facials for Wellness and Beauty

Facial Transformations

What is a Facial transformation?

A facial transformation occurs when you leave the treatment room with a change that can be transforming, mainly with improved skin conditions as well as a general uplifting of the mind, body and spirit.

How do I know what Facial treatment is best for my skin?

During the first 15 minutes of your consultation or visit we will go over your skin care goals and concerns. We will create a personalized treatment for you with the products and services that will give you the best results possible to meet  your skin care goals. We will discuss with you what can be done for immediate results and assist you with a plan for long term results.


Customized Corrective Facial
Designed for your specific skin type, this facial begins with a personalized skin assessment. Next, deep pore cleansing and thorough exfoliation under steam purifies and sweeps away dulling surface cells. To help correct skin imperfections, a problem-specific massage of the face, neck and shoulders and a customized mask will follow. Then a moisturizer and balancer are applied for your skin type and condition. For a toning and energizing effect, a cooling stone massage finishes. Relaxing but serious skin care treatment best repeated monthly.
Time: 60 minutes 

Spa Facial
A luxurious facial designed to soften your complexion as it de-stresses your entire body. First, enjoy a singular skin cleansing and blissfully soothing face, neck and shoulder aromatherapy massage followed by relaxing steam inhalation therapy. A gentle exfoliation treatment and client-specific facial mask laced with calming plant extracts will further smooth and soothe. Finishing with a hand and arm massage followed by a moisturizing treatment in comfortable warm mitts leaves you tranquil and calm. Emerge from this deeply relaxing facial with soft skin glowing in radiant health.
Time: 60 minutes 

Facial Transformations with Deborah Lee

Aromatherapy/Acupressure Facial
Experience the vital force of pure essential plant oils combined with the power of acupressure for the scalp, face, neck and shoulders.
Time: 30 minutes

The Zen of Beauty Deluxe Facial
Enjoy total rejuvenation in body, mind and soul with a head to toe customized facial and back treatment.
Time: 60 to 90 minutes

Essensa Euro-stone Facial
The ultimate body experience brings aromatherapy to your skin, allowing deep penetration into the tissues with the use of hot and cold river stones and gemstones. By aligning the gemstones along the face and chest, your charkas (energy centers) will harmonize, leaving you balanced, energized and refreshed.
Time: 60 minutes

Organic P.I. Mini Peel Series
A complete therapy for your skin. It treats any skin condition like acne, hyper pigmentation, aging, etc. Equivalent to a mini-peel but without the obvious skin peeling.
Time: 30 minutes

Energy Light Rejuvenation Treatment
Using micro current and light therapy long lasting results can be achieved with many skin conditions. From softening unwanted facial lines and wrinkles to assisting in clearing up acne and Roscea, this therapy can be added to any facial treatment to maximize results. (ELR™ is the latest in non-invasive science for healthier skin. Please call about treatment program packages available. Check out our TRY ELR!! link to your left!)