Transformations Start From Within

Published in Natural Life News and Directory, 2015.

Winter transforms into Spring

In Chinese Medicine we study nature and the seasons as it relates to health and beauty. Beauty is another word for balance. balance of body mind and soul, health of the body mind and soul. Winter is a yin time, time for meditating, nurturing in family, a time to conserve your energy. It is also a time to eat heavier foods to store energy for the coldness of the temperature rises and transforms into Spring it is a slow and steady build of yang energy, the liver wanting to Cleanse from the stillness of winter. Here are some tips that can help with this transition.

Hair Transformations

This is a time to make that new style change that you have been putting off all winter. No more winter hats to mess up your hair. Spring is a time for transformation. You have more energy now… make a physical change …just go ahead and do it!!! Women, Change your color, use more natural hair color to unburden your liver with all the extra chemicals.. Add some highlights… let your beauty shine! Also clarify your hair to remove the old build up. ( See recipe) Make your hair shine also with a really good protein conditioner pack after you clarify your hair.

Skin Transformations

Since the winter has been about conservation, your skin most probably has been holding on to all that dead skin. It is a time to renew and revive with exfoliation. For your facial skin, use a gentle exfoliator LIKE ground oatmeal, a little salt and water. Another recipe is plain yogurt. For the body, use sea salt with sesame oil or coconut oil . Scrub your body and then shower.

Body Transformations

Your Liver is now ready for a really big transformation. It needs a house cleaning. !
Go for that invigorating walk, get the chi moving and fresh air in your lungs. Massage cupping and Body massage for increasing circulation and getting the lymph cleansed. Cupping can also be added to a Body Wrap with clays or seaweed to detoxify and energize. Great Essential oils for detoxifying recipe are Cypress, Rosemary, juniper, grapefruit, great also for weight loss. These essential oils can be added to a bath with Epsom salt in a massage therapy session or simply give yourself a reflexology rub of your feet to invigorate your whole body system..


Think green!!! Greens are great for the liver, nourish and cleanse the body.
Fresh raw or cooked greens of Kale, collard, arugula, cilantro, parsley. Green drinks, or even green super foods are great in a smoothie as well. Fresh lemon and water first thing in the morning upon rising will help cleanse both the liver and lymph system. Be good to your liver this Spring, look and feel beautiful this Spring from the inside out… all transformations start from within!

The Root and the Branch – Finding your secret to Healthy Radiant Skin

Yes, hopefully you have healthy radiant skin but most people (mainly women) desire more than what they already have to aspire for that perfect facial skin. So what is the secret (besides good healthy genes )?
According to the Ancient Chinese Medicine Radiant Skin you have a root and a branch to everything. The branch is the symptom. Here are two examples.


The branch , the symptom. The root could be an imbalance in the hormones causing it. Acne can be treated through a series of facials to correct the outer condition with the proper skin care products targeted to combat and then work on the possible root of the problem to correct it through right diet and getting the body back into hormonal balance.

Aging Skin

Though aging is a natural process it is the root problem to Wrinkles. Wrinkles are a symptom of Aging Skin. Aging skin symptoms can manifest in many ways. One is the discoloration often called hyperpigmentation or referred to as age spots. In Chinese medicine this is referred to as rusting of the skin which is really free radical damage of the cells that causes the browning of the skin. Capillary damage can also appear on the checks and nose and this is also free radical damage from internal inflammation in the body system.

Aging skin as in wrinkles are caused sometimes by the thinning of the skin , losing elasticity and collagen. This can be from many factors coming from depletion of minerals , nutrition deficiencies, depletion of the hormones and also free radical damage caused by too much sun exposure or internal inflammation . How this can happen is the cells are being destroyed by body is the state of being too acidic.

Okay, get the picture… it can be complicated factors. Let’s find some simple tips to reversing the signs of aging and keeping a healthy radiant glow to the skin.

  1. Eat mineral rich foods such as root vegetables and seaweeds for hydration to keep you alkaline.
  2. Take in internally and externally essential fatty acids like coconut oil for hydration for your skin as well as your internal organs for balancing your hormones.
  3. Include concentrated antioxidant in your diet . Make your superfoods smoothie everyday with super rich powder concentrates of antioxidants such as bilberry (strengthens the capillary walls), acai berry, stinging nettle (blood builder filled with minerals), mulberries or mulberry powder (low glycemic and very rich in minerals) coconut water powder (great for hydration and EFA), soya lecithin ( good for the brain and heart and balancing blood sugar).
  4. Drink teas full of antioxidants, such as green or red robouis . usually these teas can be found in a bulk section of your health food store. Some green teas can be good also but not in excess because it can be depleting to the body in some cases.
  5. Essential oils for internal health and that can be used topically externally for optimum skin health and cellular repair (only use with help from a certified aroma or health care practitioner).

Externally speaking, treating the branch ( the symptom) or before it it even becomes a symptom there are a number of awesome organic and natural products on the market with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid for deep hydration to keep your skin soft supple. Make sure you schedule facials monthly and learn about the natural technologies that can be included in facials. One of these technologies is micro current. This device helps to boost up the ATP cell memory to restore skin cells and reduce free radical damage while improving and restoring the collagen and elastin fibers of the skin, treating both the root and the branch, healing the cells from the inside out.

To find out more about how to give your skin the royal treatment from the inside out and what technologies and what products and services are available in the market for achieving optimum results for your radiant glowing skin from within and without come to a free workshop at the Bozeman Public Library on Wednesday October 22 at 6:30 PM.

Learn about Energy Light Rejuvenation

energy light rejuvenation therapy

Spring Body Transformations Workshop


Spring Transformations Free Workshop at the Bozeman Public Library

Monday, April 7th, from 6:30-9pm.
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Come find out the secrets of cleansing in the Spring–what to do (and not to do) for your body type. Learn the secrets for true transformation.

Join Deborah Lee, Cosmetologist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Educator, Practitioner in the Asian Healing Arts.

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Organic Food is Great, So Why Not Organic Hair Color?

Organic Food is Great…So Why Not Organic HAIR COLOR?

by Deborah Lee

Many of us have trained ourselves to look at every label before we buy and consume what we put into our bodies. So why should we consumers of hair color now have to look at the ingredient list when we have been using this coloring regularly without any concern?

Have you ever thought that hair color might be absorbed through the scalp into the bloodstream?

Well, for years many people have been using either store-bought hair color or going to the salon to get their hair done with products that use ammonia-based hair coloring. Some of the research and studies conducted over the past 15 years have concluded that certain hair coloring ingredients, such as ammonia, resorcinol and PPD’s (Phenylenediamine), are toxic to the immune system and can cause allergic skin reactions and even asthma in some individuals. Many studies have also tried to determine whether long-term use of hair dye can cause cancer.

approved salonAlthough the results are not conclusive, some studies have isolated a connection between bladder cancer and the use of hair color over a long period of time. The darker the pigment, the more PPD’s are used; therefore longtime use of dark hair color can be more toxic to the body than lighter shades. The Good News is that the consumer now has the choice of both store bought as well as professional hair coloring that is ammonia free, resorcinol free and much lower PPD’s. For store-bought boxed color, there is Nautritint and Herbitint.  For the professional product, there is Organic Salon Systems, which is not only ammonia free, resorcinol free and the lowest PPT’s available on the market, but also has certified organic herbs, such as chamomile and comfrey, which provide anti-inflammatory properties that are soothing to the scalp. Organic color systems also include natural antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, with conditioning Hydrolyzed Wheat protein, which helps to strengthen hair.

As a professional hairdresser, I am grateful have organic hair coloring that is not only free of the most harmful ingredients but also pleasant to work with for my clients as well as myself. And this product makes it possible to be a green salon and to help the environment.

For those of us who just cannot quite give it up and go grey, we now have a solution to our problem.  It is always wise to do your own research on the chemicals going into your body via the skin and scalp as well as what is going into your mouth. Whatever you decide to use, it is usually the repeated use that makes the difference. If hair coloring is going to be a permanent commitment to your lifestyle, then do your research and choose wisely!

Hazards of Standard Hair Coloring
• Harsh ammonia and chemical odors
• Corrosive damage to hair
• Exposure to toxic fumes for clients & staff
• Scalp itching and disco m fort
• Staining of scalp or skin
• Unpredictable color results
• Color doesn’t last long
• Insufficient grey coverage

Deborah Lee is a Licensed Cosmetologist and Holistic Health Practitioner in the Asian Healing Arts. FREE one-time 15-minute consultation at either her hair salon or face & body salon. Call 209-5516 for an appointment or more info on her services.

Internal Health Leads to External Beauty

In the ancient Asian healing arts, your beauty is considered proportional to the your internal state of health


Any of these conditions sound familiar?


Feeling Stressed?

Do you feel toxic or “sluggish” sometimes?

Tired body or lower back pain?

Living with aches and pains you don’t think you have a solution to?

Looking older than you feel?

Feel like your beauty and vitality is slipping away from you?

Need a “pick me up” or a “recharge”?

How about Body and skin conditions such as cellulite or Acne?

YOU CAN DO SOMETHING ABOUT ALL OF THESE ISSUES!! YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER THESE CONDITIONS. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. The Problem is many people do not want to take the steps they actually need to to help themselves, or they may not know where to begin or who to believe. They think the aches and pains or sagging skin is out of their control. CLICK HERE FOR SOME OF THE SERVICES WE PROVIDE FOR THESE CONDITIONS!

Lets take the issue of wrinkles and sagging skin for example – some causes can be related to diet, health, nutrition and life style choices. ALL of these are under your direct control. We show you how to deal with these.

Nagging aches or pains? Your body is trying to tell you something is not right. Can you do something about this? YES of course you can! We show you how to help this process.

Looking older than you Feel – you may just well be. But we show you what to do to turn this around!

Feel like beauty is slipping away and aches and pains aren’t? There are reasons why these things happen and its not always OLD AGE! You need Transformations! Find out why these things happen and what to do about it.

Transformations by Deborah Lee

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Quick Beauty fixes have long term impacts on your health and well being and they DO NOT address the underlying conditions that affect your beauty….

  • Possible permanent long term damage from surgery gone wrong
  • Botox (Botulism Toxin) long term side effects not known or fully understood although some reported side effects are headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, and nausea (Source: FDA Consumer magazine July-August 2002 )
  • The Real causes underlying skin and aging conditions are not addressed
  • The use of Botulism Toxin has been linked to deaths in children – (Source: CNN )

With Transformations by Deborah Lee we address the underlying health issues and imbalances which are the real source of your skin and aging conditions.

Skin and aging conditions are reflective of your overall internal health. The skin has actually been called the body’s largest organ. Skin conditions can reflect the conditions of your overall wellness. We use holistic results oriented approaches and an individualized program specifically to help you radiate your true beauty.

What some of Deborah’s clients have had to say about their Transformations Treatments:

“Wow! I have been so pleased with the Results!” – RS Peoria, AZ

“I feel so much better! Deborah really is good at what she does”- AT Scottsdale, AZ

“This is the best thing I could have done in my whole life is to get these acupressure treatments. I have so much more energy and my body pain and tension in my neck is gone. Thank you Deborah.” M.B. Scottsdale, AZ

“Every time I go to see Deborah, I feel that my face is on vacation”, RP Scottsdale, AZ

Click here for More Client Testimonials!!

Deborah ThumDeborah Lee is a holistic healthcare practitioner, licensed massage therapist, clinical aromatherapist and aesthetician instructor. Please click this link to learn more about Deborah and how she developed the Zen of Beauty concept. Deborah will work with you personally to design the right program with you.

Deborah blends the ancient Asian wisdom of the East with state of the Art technology of the West for long lasting Wellness and Beauty. She uses the best products and services to help you achieve natural wellness and balance from which your beauty springs. As your wellness improves, you maximize your radiance and your beauty. Deborah knows that you care about your health and want the right procedures and the best in personalized service.

It all begins with a complimentary 15-minute consultation!

We believe in the importance of talking with you directly and so we are offering the first 15 minutes absolutely free!

Not in the greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area? That’s OK Deborah will work with you over the phone. We will give you 15 minutes absolutely free to ask Deborah what questions you may have about beauty and the underlying issues wellness.

Your first 15 minutes are absolutely FREE!!

Your customized program is designed
with you to achieve the long term results you seek. We use the latest technologies of micro-current and Light therapies along with conventional aesthetics services using organic products and non-invasive treatments, education and dietary recommendations to achieve effective and long lasting results. Our peels are organic and we also use “Perfect Appearance Dermafile™”, a comparable treatment to microdermabrasion but without the sometimes harsh effects.

She will also recommend specific treatments and frequency and work with your personal situation to help you to experience immediate effective results that last longer. Select your own services or go with Deborah’s recommendations.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Facial & Body Rejuvenation using Micro-current & Color light Therapy for Anti-Aging ( As seen on Oprah)
  • Non-Surgical Face-lift Rejuvenation
  • Acupressure Massage & Aromatherapy
  • Detoxifying Body Wraps
  • Beauty & Wellness Programs
  • Classes for Health, Beauty & Wellness
  • Telephone consultation
  • Personalized how-to instruction to achieve the results you desire
  • Waxing & makeup design
  • Recommendations for the best products and continued services (See our Products Link to the Left)


  • Micro current Energy Light Rejuvenation Treatments begin at $125.00
  • Regular Facials and Body treatments start at $85/hour
  • Package discounts are available. Packages of treatments are encouraged to gain optimum results. Deborah will work with your specific needs.

Zen to Go
For your continued skin care therapy in between treatments, we have chosen incomparable organic aromatherapy-based products from Essensa. We also sell paraben free, hyaluronic acid based products such as Hylunia. We also stock the finest quality organic aromatherapy blends and other retail items in order to continue to support you and your beauty and wellness program

On-going Partnership Programs and educational workshops

Lasting Wellness & Beauty requires a balanced healthy lifestyle. To optimize your results we offer on-going personal partnership program and self care workshops based on the 5 elements used in ancient Chinese healing arts for the balance of your organs.

Get the ULTIMATE transformational wellness and beauty experience!

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