Your Face Tells a Story

The face is a hologram for the entire body. We can actually see what is going on with our health by looking closely at our face.

You know the old saying, “You are what you eat!” We have all heard this saying, but the next time that you look in the mirror, take a closer look. According to ancient oriental face diagnosis there is truth to this old saying. What does a closer look mean? Well, according to the ancient methods of oriental diagnosis, every line on the face tells a story about your body and has a meaning. Features from your eyes to your lips will tell a tale. Your face is a reflection of all that is going on within your body. According to Ohashi’s Book of Oriental diagnose, a deep vertical line between the eyebrows could represent tension, anger, nervousness and liver problems Bags under the eyes could demonstrate a weakness in the kidneys.

Even different parts of the lip correspond to the organs in the digestion. For example, extreme swelling in the lower lip could be a sign of swollen intestines and a tendency towards constipation. Skin color also tells its own story. Like the lines in a face, each color that appears on the skin indicates a certain condition in the body. Red is a common color and red may indicate a heart that is overworking causing expansion of the capillaries towards the surface of the skin. This expansion brings blood to the surface and hence the red color. Red skin can also indicate that there is too much animal food and salt in the diet. Mixing the colors of red and white together makes the color pink.

An excess pink color in the skin then may show an overworking heart in addition to large amounts of dairy in the diet. Brown spots can be a sign of trouble with the liver and gall the bladder. The good ‘ol liver spots! Indeed our body is trying to tell us something and we should take that time to look and listen well.


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Deborah Lee, L.M.T.Holistic Healthcare Practitioner
Holistic Aesthetician