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East Meets West for Facial Rejuvenation

Microcurrent Technology with Color Light Therapy Aging has to do with the root (the cause) and the branch (the effect) according to Chinese medicine. The root is the depletion of our kidney yin and yang qi (also called our essence or vitality). This has something to do with genetics as well as how well we

Know Thyself Through Thy Face

Each unique feature of your face tells a story about you, your character, what you like and what you don’t—why you like it and why not! How each feature is shaped, its size and length, how it protrudes or doesn’t—your eyes, ears and nose, your lips and chin, even your eyebrows, their shape and angle, their sparse or bushy hair—tells a story.

Your Face Tells the Truth

They say that we are what we eat. Well, as we wear our emotions on your face, over time, those expressions become permanent, until we decide to change how we respond to life. So, yes, food excesses and imbalances will show up on the face, and emotions out of balance for a long time will

Three Dynamic Treatments for Face and Body Rejuvenation

Do you wonder why facial skin, or your body’s skin for that matter, ages faster for some more than for others? It has to do with your Jing, your Qi and your Shen! These are the Three Treasures in Chinese medicine: The Jing is your primordial energy; the Qi (or Chi) is your everyday energy;

Aromatherapy for Winter Transformations

  Have you ever wondered what oils might bring you warmth and comfort, free you from depression, keep you balanced, and help your immune system stay strong this winter? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, winter is a time for going within and for stillness. This will support and nourish the kidney and bladder energies—what is

Body Cupping for Tight Muscles and Skin Rejuvenation

Learn how can cupping can benefit overall body health. Cupping can unlock tight muscles, releases stagnation in the lymph glands, and remove toxins. Cupping is a traditional, time-honored treatment favored by millions worldwide because it is safe, comfortable, and remarkably effective for many disorders.

Autumn Transformations for Skin Health

  According to ancient Taoism and the 5 element theory used in Chinese Medicine each season or element relates to a paired organ system in the body as well as a taste and a color . In the latter days of summer September and early October we are in the element of Earth sweetness. Sugar


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