Organic Food is Great, So Why Not Organic Hair Color?

Organic Food is Great…So Why Not Organic HAIR COLOR?

by Deborah Lee

Many of us have trained ourselves to look at every label before we buy and consume what we put into our bodies. So why should we consumers of hair color now have to look at the ingredient list when we have been using this coloring regularly without any concern?

Have you ever thought that hair color might be absorbed through the scalp into the bloodstream?

Well, for years many people have been using either store-bought hair color or going to the salon to get their hair done with products that use ammonia-based hair coloring. Some of the research and studies conducted over the past 15 years have concluded that certain hair coloring ingredients, such as ammonia, resorcinol and PPD’s (Phenylenediamine), are toxic to the immune system and can cause allergic skin reactions and even asthma in some individuals. Many studies have also tried to determine whether long-term use of hair dye can cause cancer.

approved salonAlthough the results are not conclusive, some studies have isolated a connection between bladder cancer and the use of hair color over a long period of time. The darker the pigment, the more PPD’s are used; therefore longtime use of dark hair color can be more toxic to the body than lighter shades. The Good News is that the consumer now has the choice of both store bought as well as professional hair coloring that is ammonia free, resorcinol free and much lower PPD’s. For store-bought boxed color, there is Nautritint and Herbitint.  For the professional product, there is Organic Salon Systems, which is not only ammonia free, resorcinol free and the lowest PPT’s available on the market, but also has certified organic herbs, such as chamomile and comfrey, which provide anti-inflammatory properties that are soothing to the scalp. Organic color systems also include natural antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, with conditioning Hydrolyzed Wheat protein, which helps to strengthen hair.

As a professional hairdresser, I am grateful have organic hair coloring that is not only free of the most harmful ingredients but also pleasant to work with for my clients as well as myself. And this product makes it possible to be a green salon and to help the environment.

For those of us who just cannot quite give it up and go grey, we now have a solution to our problem.  It is always wise to do your own research on the chemicals going into your body via the skin and scalp as well as what is going into your mouth. Whatever you decide to use, it is usually the repeated use that makes the difference. If hair coloring is going to be a permanent commitment to your lifestyle, then do your research and choose wisely!

Hazards of Standard Hair Coloring
• Harsh ammonia and chemical odors
• Corrosive damage to hair
• Exposure to toxic fumes for clients & staff
• Scalp itching and disco m fort
• Staining of scalp or skin
• Unpredictable color results
• Color doesn’t last long
• Insufficient grey coverage

Deborah Lee is a Licensed Cosmetologist and Holistic Health Practitioner in the Asian Healing Arts. FREE one-time 15-minute consultation at either her hair salon or face & body salon. Call 209-5516 for an appointment or more info on her services.

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  1. My current cosmetologist just retired after doing my hair for over 20 years. I am interested in your hair salon services as the last several times of dying my hair, I have had severe scalp itching and sores. Are you taking new customers, and do you have Saturday appointments?

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