Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading for Health and Beauty

Your face tells a story and through the five elements in Chinese medicine, you can learn about the outward expressions of fire, metal, earth, wood, and water.

Move toward balance; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Gain understanding about how your body is providing signals about your emotions and physical well-being.
  • Receive empowerment to live authentically and embrace your true self.
  • Discover aspects of your character building and redefining.

Every person has unique features and the shape of features or their positioning can indicate aspects of one’s personality and the original face.

Give me a call at 406-209-5516 to schedule a face reading session to discover your inner beauty and potential.

Learning about how my facial structure reflects my personality was eye-opening. Deborah’s insights reminded me about some personal characteristics that reflect my true self, my passion for art, and some of my life aspirations.Bayard L. ~ Bozeman
The Face Reading was enlightening.Olivia H. ~ Bozeman

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Accessing Your Three Treasures for Health, Vitality and Inner Radiance in 2018!

You are a walking candle! In this new year, how bright will you be shining as you give your presence to the world and to your loved ones? There is a way to measure and increase your vitality and inner radiance and to manage your health. But where do you start? It starts with your

Know Thyself Through Thy Face

Each unique feature of your face tells a story about you, your character, what you like and what you don’t—why you like it and why not! How each feature is shaped, its size and length, how it protrudes or doesn’t—your eyes, ears and nose, your lips and chin, even your eyebrows, their shape and angle, their sparse or bushy hair—tells a story.

Your Face Tells the Truth

They say that we are what we eat. Well, as we wear our emotions on your face, over time, those expressions become permanent, until we decide to change how we respond to life. So, yes, food excesses and imbalances will show up on the face, and emotions out of balance for a long time will

Are You Manifesting Your Beauty From the Inside Out?

(As seen in the May/June 2017 issue of Natural Life News & Directory.) Have you ever met someone who glows from the inside out, and yet, their appeal has little or nothing to do with their physical appearance? In Oriental Medicine, based on Taoism, this inner radiance is described as “Bright Shen or Significant Shen,”


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