Meet Deborah Lee

deborah-portraitDeborah Lee walks her talk. With more than 25 years’ experience in the beauty industry, she knows and understands the value women place on beauty, both internal and external. She began her career in traditional cosmetology, where she found great joy working with women on a very personal level. Her strongest skill was her innate ability to see each client’s own unique beauty; she felt honored to facilitate the transformational experience of every person she touched.

After studying and apprenticing with leaders in the beauty industry, Deborah managed and eventually owned First Transformations Hair Design in Gardiner, Montana. It was her privilege to achieve not only a great image for each of her clients, but to also incorporate the gift of healing through touch, for it has long been her belief that true transformation comes from within.

Over time, Deborah began to face some significant personal health challenges that were eventually tracked back to her years of chemical exposure as a cosmetologist. It was not, however, an easy or obvious conclusion. Deborah experienced tremendous difficulty in receiving proper medical diagnosis for the cause of her extreme fatigue and the low energy that kept her from being able to maintain her own vibrant image. While she valued her doctors’ opinions and expertise, they did not seem to be able to help her get well.
Deborah’s long quest for healing led her to the determination to learn to heal herself. As a result, she found herself immersed in alternative therapies.

After moving to Arizona in 2001, she began a three-year study of holistic health, eventually experiencing her own healing transformation through the Asian healing arts. Deborah knows how important beauty is for every person, especially women – for when you look good, you feel good and radiate confidence. Her own health challenges still a recent memory, Deborah began observing similar patterns in others, so she decided to dig deeper to understand all that is associated with the sources of beauty and its maintenance. Her search led her to a study of current spa and aesthetics techniques. This knowledge taught Deborah that there was more at stake in seeking and maintaining beauty than current-thinking trends were demonstrating. Seven years ago, she decided to apply her new knowledge by becoming a licensed instructor and master teacher for aspiring aestheticians.

Today, Deborah demonstrates her commitment to her clients through the knowledge that self-healing is not only possible, but preferable. On a journey for holistic health, healing, and energetic beauty all her life, she now desires to share the amazing possibilities with all who seek such a powerful personal transformation. Deborah combines her experience in the Asian healing arts through acupressure and clinical energetic aromatherapy with her associate’s degree in holistic health from the highly accredited Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. In March 2011, Deborah celebrated five years with her venture, The Zen of Beauty Transformations, where she combines the ancient wisdom of the East with the technology of the West to achieve long-lasting beauty and wellness for body, mind, and spirit.

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The Zen of Beauty

Hair Face and Body Transformations

Transformations start with you, Holistic, keeping the whole of you in mind, your health and wellbeing, from Head to Toe from the inside out. It starts with a free consultation . Let’s help to define your image, your personal style, projecting your beautiful self-image on purpose. Distilling and drawing out your inner essence is an art and a science. Going through the 5 transformations through each season for your health and beauty takes a plan of action. Let’s begin to create your signature plan ]]

Hair- Signature hair designed cut to fit your face say a lot about you, your haircolor is equally important and using organic hair coloring is what you want for maintaining your beauty without compromising your health.

Face- Your skin shows your inner radiance through inner health, organic skin care products with anti-oxidants and nutrition to feed your skin is important for maintaining that inner glow, the ritual of facials to maintain good skin health and outer radiance, ageless beauty.

Healthy Body, Healthy mind- Keeping your body, mind and emotions in balance are the key. Eating with the seasons and living a balanced healthy lifestyle are equally important. Our menu of body treatments can help you from detoxing in the spring and fall to supporting the energetic system of your body, and most of all relieving your stress. By unblocking your pent up energy in your body you can begin to feel now that renewed energy flowing through the body , true vitality for a healthy body ,mind and renewed spirit for living life fully .
Let’s begin …………