Body Transformations

Transformations – Treatments for Wellness and Beauty

Body Transformations:

What is a Body transformation?

A body transformation occurs when you leave the treatment room with a change that can be transforming, mainly with an improvement in the physiology or energetics of the body as well as a general uplifting of the mind, body and spirit.

How do I know what Body treatment is best for me?

During the first 15 minutes of your consultation or visit we will go over your current life situation such as the amount of stress you may be dealing with your your general energy levels. We will create a personalized treatment for you with the services and modality that will give you the best results possible to meet  your body care needs. We will discuss with you what can be done for immediate results and assist you with a plan for long term results.

Tuning Fork Therapy
Tuning Forks can be used on acupressure points to open up the meridian channels and for energetic healing. It can help to reduce stress, balance the body to be more harmonious, and to de-stress the body. May relieve symptoms including headaches and insomnia. It could provide similar benefits to receiving acupuncture. It can used in conjunction with massage, aromatherapy, and acupressure therapies.

Cupping Therapy
This ancient Chinese therapy uses negative pressure to help tissues to release toxins, stimulate the lymphatic, skin, and circulatory systems, clear colon blockages, reduce stretch marks, and improve varicose veins.

Zen Shiatsu
Acupressure along the meridians’ energetic pathways breaks up stagnation in this traditional style of Japanese bodywork. Palm or finger pressure, as well as some gentle stretching, is used to restore balance to body and mind. Slow, deep and relaxing, the body is nourished and strengthened. Done without oil, the client lies clothed on a futon or massage table. Wear loose, cotton clothing.
Time: 30, 60 or 90 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage
Essential oils from flowers and herbs, chosen for their healing and soothing properties, are applied in rhythmic massage to the body. Combining the sense of smell with touch invigorates the senses and deeply relaxes the body while fortifying the function of the internal organs, boosting the body’s defense system and improving circulation. Take home a blend of essential oils to recreate your spa experience at home. Therapeutic grade oils are blended for your specific needs.
Time: 60 minutes

Aromatherapy/Acupressure Massage
Combines the benefits of acupressure and aromatherapy into one gentle but powerful treatment, resulting in renewed chi. Balances, energizes and nurtures all levels of your being.
Time: 60 minutes

Tuina Therapy
Kneading, cupping and rubbing stimulates the acupoints and breaks up stagnation to balance and invigorate the meridian system. For both acute and chronic conditions, this treatment improves overall energy. Can be added to any other treatment or enjoyed by itself.
Time: 30 minutes

Salt Glow
Healing salts and essential oils are blended and then gently massaged onto the body to exfoliate the skin and increase circulation. Improves immune function and increases energy. Finish with a soothing massage and enjoy revitalized, glowing, silky soft skin on a healthier you.
Time: 30 minutes

Body Wrap
The highest quality of clays, muds, seaweeds, algae and Chinese herbs are applied with therapeutic grade aromatherapy to hydrate and beautify the body. Wraps tonify and mineralize the skin, decrease cellulite and reduce water retention. They cleanse, detoxify, increase blood and lymph circulation, and slim the body. The body wrap uses a custom-made blend just for you.
Time: 60 or 90 minutes

Herbal Wrap
First a light brushing to whisk away dead surface cells, then the client is cocooned in steamy towels infused with calming or detoxifying botanicals. A great prelude to a body massage, wrap or by itself.
Time: 60 or 90 minutes

Essential Oil Aroma Wrap
This hydrating experience begins with a gentle, dry brushing massage followed by a light massage with a customized essential oil blend. As you deeply relax and unwind in a cocoon-like wrap, enjoy a face, scalp and foot massage. Benefits are skin smoothing and highly therapeutic.
Time: 60 or 90 minutes

Back treatment
Essential maintenance for a smooth, clear back begins with a deep cleansing under steam. Next, back, shoulders and upper arms are relaxed with an oriental acupressure massage followed by a detoxifying mud therapy mask. A generous application of an aromatherapy blend completes the treatment.
Time: 30 minutes

Auricular Therapy-Ear Reflexology
Stimulates the auricle of the external ear to alleviate health conditions in other areas of the body.
Time: 30 minutes

Foot Reflex Treatment
The foot treatment begins with a feet soak and massage in an Aroma bath Next is the foot treatment which includes massaging the acupressure points as well as the reflex points to relax as well as energize the whole organ system in the body.
Time: 30 minutes

Face and Body Health Reading
Based on Ancient Asian Physiognomy used for all face and body assessments.
Time: 30 minutes

Beauty & Wellness Consultation
This session includes a full body and life style assessment. During this session we design for you a personalized program for long-term results which lays a foundation for all treatments that follow for face and body transformations.
Time: 60 minutes