Eating with the Seasons for Radiant Skin and Healthy Body – Part 1

Did you ever think eating with the seasons would have any thing to do with the health and appearance of your skin? According to ancient Taoism and the 5 element theory used in Chinese Medicine eating with the seasons has everything to do with healthy skin and body.

Each season or element relates to a paired organ system in the body as well as a taste and a color (see chart). In the latter days of summer September and early October we are in the element of Earth. The Earth element relates to sweetness in taste and the health of the stomach and small intestines. Foods that will help you feel balanced and that will strengthen these organ systems. Naturally sweet butternut and Kombucha squash as well as all root vegetables like parsnips and carrots are a good choice. Millet is a grain that is also naturally sweet and great for the stomach and small intestines. Sometimes there are tendencies to want the sweetness in the form of refined sugar; this is not the kind of sweet you want during this time or anytime! Sugar can cause the skin tissue to thin and loose its elasticity way before its time due causing premature aging as well as cause dry skin. It is better to cultivate a taste for sweetness in its natural state of fruits, found in vegetables and grains where you (and your skin) can benefit from the nutrients, minerals and fiber. The natural sweetness found in whole foods will actually help build tissue and tone muscles which can be rejuvenating to the entire body as well as prevent or slow down the aging process.

Metal relates to the Season of Autumn and has to do with the health of the lungs and large intestines and the skin in general. Its taste is pungent. The pungent taste promotes sweating, increases circulation and gives a glow to the skin. Some of the foods that are great for both the lungs and the large intestines are foods that are somewhat pungent. These can include vegetables such as turnips, onions, ginger, garlic, diakon, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, radishes and mustard greens. Some of the spices for cooking with would be basil, dill, horseradish and white pepper. Soups that include these vegetables and spices can also be very good in the fall for hydration. Sweet brown rice is also very good to eat as a grain for fall. For healthy intestines avoid red meat in large quantities and hard cheeses. The lungs can be very sensitive to dairy products and fried foods as well as extreme spices. In the autumn the skin can get very dry. Minerals in the vegetables as well as fiber in the diet are great for the intestines, to keep all the old waste moving out of system. Whatever the large intestines cannot process or eliminate as waste from the body will most likely come out as acne, pimples, congested skin or eczema.

The bottom line is that if you want radiant skin and a healthy body, honor the seasons and eat the foods that are in season that will strengthen the organ system in that season. Stay away from refined sugars and processed foods and eat nutrient rich foods which occurs naturally in vegetables, fruits and whole grains. You will receive all the natural fiber, natural sugars, and lots of minerals in order for the organs to do what they do best while in the natural cycles of the elements of nature. Keep hydrated from the inside out and from the outside in, and the largest organ of the body; the skin, will do its best to keep you radiant and healthy.


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Three Dynamic Treatments for Face and Body Rejuvenation

Do you wonder why facial skin, or your body’s skin for that matter, ages faster for some more than for others? It has to do with your Jing, your Qi and your Shen! These are the Three Treasures in Chinese medicine: The Jing is your primordial energy; the Qi (or Chi) is your everyday energy;  the Shen is your spirit energy.

Western medicine would say that your Jing is your genetics, the food you eat to give you energy is your Qi, and the Shen is your inner happiness. An apt analogy would be a candle—the wax is the Jing, the wick is the Qi, and the flame is the Shen. A lack or depletion of any of these three will create an imbalance, which will cause you to weaken and to age prematurely, which can show up on your skin. What is the solution to all these imbalances that life brings, with all its stresses and challenges? Find good ways to balance your life and nourish your body, mind and spirit—your Three Treasures. Here are a few tips:

  1. Cook your own food with nutrient rich ingredients that are organic and fresh in season. For medicinal value, add fresh herbs and spices. Explore Chinese herbs for nutrient-rich fortification of the cells.
  2. Detox your body seasonally.
  3. Exercise daily, moderately; walking is one of the best. Use a rebounder 10 minutes a day. Do QiGong, Tai Chi or Yoga, including deep, diaphragmatic breathwork.
  4. Do meditation and enjoy quiet time and other tools to unwind and let go of out-of-balance emotions from your day.
  5. Find a way to serve life (family, friends, the needy) in a way that nourishes your soul and spirit.

At The Zen of Beauty, I recommend three treatments to add to your daily routines that will nourish the Three Treasures, for beautiful, radiant skin and to balance your emotions and relieve stress:

Energetic Acupressure Massage ~ This treatment helps to not only balance the emotions but also opens up all the meridian channels to get the Qi moving in the body. It also invigorates the flow of blood and lymph.

Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation ~ The Microcurrent uses the same electrical frequency that the body naturally has when you’re in optimal health. This special current awakens the ATP in the cells, prompting them to rejuvenate. This dynamic action works not only on the face, but also triggers rejuvenation for the whole body, since the face is a hologram for the entire body. Using the microcurrent probes, along with color-light-therapy, and targeting the acupressure points will build up collagen and strengthen the elastin fibers, softening the skin to its original suppleness. A hydration mask and antioxidants are also prepared and applied to the skin to penetrate deep within the dermal layers. These help to tone and tighten the muscles and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

AromaPoint Therapy ~ This applies pure essential oils to the designated acupressure points that are key for face and body rejuvenation and life balancing. You will notice an increase in both the Shen and the Qi. This treatment can be done as a supporting add-on with any facial or massage.

There is so much more to teach and share with you! Please come in for your free 15-minute consultation, for a face reading from the viewpoint of Chinese Medicine, and to find out what we can do together for your dynamic face and body rejuvenation!