Know Thyself Through Thy Face Workshop on January 21

Five Element Face Reading in Chinese Medicine

Sunday January 21st, 1 to 3pm
Montana Lotus Center
1119 North 7th Ave, Bozeman

Register by calling 406-209-5516

Participants receive one hour of study of the Five Elements and how it relates to Chinese Medicine and the art of face reading.  This knowledge can help you improve health, find inner balance, and discover your true inner radiance.

One hour Face Reading techniques and instruction.  Each feature on your face reveals something about your inner nature, gifts, and talents…your unique treasures.  Learn how to utilize this knowledge to live a more authentic life as you are meant to be.

Put it all together, find your unique formula for health, beauty, beauty and balance.  This knowledge can begin to empower you to recognize the themes running through your life…to ride the waves instead of fighting the current.

Personal consultations available by appointment.  $15 credit for workshop participants or $10 off any service.

$35 pre-registration rate.  Includes all workshop materials.