Accessing Your Three Treasures for Health, Vitality and Inner Radiance in 2018!

You are a walking candle! In this new year, how bright will you be shining as you give your presence to the world and to your loved ones? There is a way to measure and increase your vitality and inner radiance and to manage your health. But where do you start? It starts with your Three Treasures. In Chinese Medicine, which is based on Taoism, there is a system called the Three Treasures: your Jing, your Chi and your Shen.

The JING is the candle BASE, your foundation, your bones, your structure and your constitution. It is your prenatal jing or genetics, passed down to you from your parents at birth or in the womb.

It gives you your features, your eyes and ears, your facial shape,  and every detail of your physical blueprint that makes you who you are today. Every feature has its own character definition, so to speak. Add up all these characteristics and it makes up the uniqueness that is you, which no one else is, or could ever be!

Your CHI is the WICK of the candle. It is how you manage your energy. Good lifestyle choices and habits, along with great thoughts and emotions, will produce powerful chi in your life—and vice versa! Your chi is also generated through your breathing and the optimal nutrition that you take in (or the opposite). Your chi nourishes and supports your Jing. It is the fuel for your furnace.

How do you express yourself, your unique chi? It will be through the movement, relationships and expressions of one or more of the five elements: Earth, fire, water, wood or metal. All parts of nature, including our bodies, are made up of these five dynamic phases of nature, which are also tied to each feature on your face. Are you balanced in each of these five elements?

The SHEN is your spirit energy—the FLAME of the candle. The Shen energy resides in your heart. It radiates through your meridians, the light in your eyes and the glow on your skin. This is the special spirit energy that you give to others that makes their day. It is your smile that lights the room and ignites someone’s special life. It can be conveyed in a handshake or a kind word. The Shen is the part we want to most be concerned about. It is your true vitality, your candle shining in the darkness of winter.

Now, there is one more of these Chinese names and that is your MING. Your Ming is the coming into being of your pure essence; it is called your Golden Path. Through your ming, you endow the Earth with your purpose—on purpose! It is not what you do, but HOW you do it—or how you just BE it. It is about living a purposeful life using all your gifts and talents.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we have ways to assess the current state of your Three Treasures and we offer the means to increase and optimize those treasures. I offer a Five Element Face Reading, which includes an assessment of your Three Treasures. The first 15-minute consultation is free. At the Zen of Beauty, revealing your inner beauty and radiance is my joy!

Know Thyself Through Thy Face Workshop on January 21

Five Element Face Reading in Chinese Medicine. – Participants receive one hour of study of the Five Elements and how it relates to Chinese Medicine and the art of face reading. This knowledge can help you improve health…