Discover the Three Treasures – Jing [Video]

In Face Reading you can discover how the Jing treasure in Chinese medicine represents your battery for life, the allotted amount of energy you are given for your lifespan, and what you are given by your parents.

Understanding your Jing can help to lead to a healthier lifestyle, manage your health and vitality, and making right wellness choices.

The JING is the candle BASE, your foundation, your bones, your structure and your constitution. It is your prenatal jing or genetics, passed down to you from your parents at birth or in the womb.

It gives you your features, your eyes and ears, your facial shape, and every detail of your physical blueprint that makes you who you are today. Every feature has its own character definition, so to speak. Add up all these characteristics and it makes up the uniqueness that is you, which no one else is, or could ever be!

Discover the Three Treasures – Shen [Video]

Cultivate your spirit and personal awakening, by discovering your Shen qualities.

Promote happiness by getting in touch with your true nature, being at peace with yourself, and encouraging self-awareness.

Remove traumas from past life experiences through a Shen reading.

Shen is one of the Three Treausres in Chinese Face Reading. Each treasure represent an aspect of yourself. Shen can be reflected through the light in your eyes, your smile, and glowing skin.

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