Know Thyself Through Thy Face

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I find the best way to love someone is not to change them, but instead, to help them reveal the greatest version of themselves.
—Author Steve Maraboli

Discovering keys to improve your inner and outer health and well-being… getting in touch with your true nature and aligning with it… living and fulfilling your life’s purpose… finding your golden path… It’s all in your face!

Each unique feature of your face tells a story about you, your character, what you like and what you don’t—why you like it and why not! How each feature is shaped, its size and length, how it protrudes or doesn’t—your eyes, ears and nose, your lips and chin, even your eyebrows, their shape and angle, their sparse or bushy hair—tells a story.

For instance, someone with ears that protrude from their head means they like their ideas to stand out in this world—definitely not a conformist. This is great if they are independent thinkers and can manifest their idea in life, but if they find themselves in a stifling corporate environment, it could be hard, unless they are the entrepreneurs. Someone who has a long, straight nose pointed downward is a trailblazer who gets the job done. High cheekbones? You would be better off to let them be in charge to get the job done. They have high standards and won’t be pushed around. It will be “my way or the highway” with them. A strong protruding chin? Yes, they’re stubborn and they’ll never give up. Having a strong will is a virtue, of course, but having a personal relationship with this person could be difficult, especially if YOU have a strong chin also!

Someone with deep-set eyes is usually an introvert and somewhat private, so don’t try to push them in front of a crowd to perform, and don’t expect them to disclose too much even in private unless they really know you. By contrast, someone with large eyes usually has deep emotions and is sensitive to their own and others’ feelings, so watch out if this person goes to a sentimental movie with you. You may find them crying a lot—their feelings are right on the surface ready to bubble over.

While knowing these features and traits about yourself is one thing, living in close relationship with others and staying true to yourself while accepting the habits and influences of those you’re close to, is another thing. That’s where knowing thyself, with your original talents and unique character, is key to keeping your balance in the face of life’s challenging relationships.

Thanks to Chinese Medicine, there’s a road map to your journey through life—the Three Treasures. Honor yourself through these three: The Jing (your genetics, inherited gifts and talents), the Shen (your unique spirit energy that shines in your eyes and emanates through your glowing smile and skin), and the Chi (the fuel that you access through your food and lifestyle choices and the breath of life). Nurturing these treasure is the secret to longevity and to living in harmony with your being and with life.

These three treasures can be read on your face. They are the keys to revealing the greatest version of yourself and of those you love. To learn more, please join me for both the upcoming free introductory class and the three-hour workshop.

[As seen in the September/October 2017 issue of Natural Life News.]

Your Face Tells the Truth

They say that we are what we eat. Well, as we wear our emotions on your face, over time, those expressions become permanent, until we decide to change how we respond to life. So, yes, food excesses and imbalances will show up on the face, and emotions out of balance for a long time will show up there, too, as indicators of what we need to work on to improve our overall health.

The face is a hologram for the entire body. We can actually see what is going on with our health by looking closely at our face. Each marking, line and pigmentation will provide a clue as to what is going on in the body and the emotions.

For example, we will want to look for a change in the coloring of the face, swelling, enlargement of the nose, any new lines developing, and any new markings, whether it be hyperpigmentation or breakouts, especially when the pattern repeats itself frequently in the same area.

In Chinese Medicine, the face has been studied for over 2,000 years to reveal how we are managing our stress and how that affects our health over time.

Look over the above illustration and take note of the different organ area as zones on the face and see how you might be managing your life. The good news is you can change your face through right diet, right thought, by managing your emotions, and by using the right tools for healthy living—at any age! And, of course, healing treatments like facials, massage, acupuncture, and aromatherapy can go a long way to keep the body, mind and emotions balanced and to help manage stress. Know thyself through thy face!

Come in for your free mini-consultation, and a facial reading with me, so we can get you on the right track of your whole-body, facial rejuvenation!