Microcurrent Therapy

Acugems Facial Rejuve™ at Beauty Transformations
by Deborah Lee

What is Acugems Facial Rejuve?

At the Zen of Beauty – we use the Acugems Facial Rejuv ™ system which is a holistic, non-surgical and highly effective new way to achieve a healthier and more youthful appearance. The use of microcurrent, colored light and gem stones to treat a number of common signs of aging, replacing the need for several anti-aging procedures that address individual trouble spots.

Our clients have noticed many, many benefits from a series of treatments using microcurrent/color light and gem therapy

The effects of Acugems Facial Rejuv™

* Noticeably lifts and tones facial and body tissues
* Minimizes crows feet, deep lines and wrinkles
* Dramatically improves irregular pigmentation, acne and rosacea
* Significantly increases production of collagen and elastin
* Improves circulation for radiant, youthful skin
* Helps reduce swelling under the eyes (“bags”) and dark circles

There are no toxins, abrasives, painful lasers or harsh chemicals. There are no unsightly side effects or downtime; clients can attend a business or social event immediately after their treatment.

For further information visit the Accugems website by clicking this link Acugems Facial Rejuv™