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Saying goodbye to long hair after 15 years

This client said she was ready for a new look after having long hair for 15 years and I think her new look suits her great. She looks younger, more vibrant, and the shape of her new cut is more pleasing and matching to her face shape. Please follow and like us:

Look Changes with an Asymmetric Bob

Her new versatile haircut allows her to wear it in so many ways! It’s a fun hairstyle and she’s received many compliments on the new look. She performs with a local dancing club and feels that the style matches her vintage look. Please follow and like us:

Young Mother Gets a Stylish Look

This client came in with some photo references to create a new look. She had a great time and looks forward to donating her trim to Locks of Love and will pass on some her beautiful hair to someone in need. Please follow and like us:

Hair Length Transformation to Complement the Face

Hair length can make a big difference in whether someone’s style matches their facial structure. After trimming her hair, I feel that the length is more complementing to her face and makes her look younger and more vibrant! Please follow and like us:

New Hair Color Can Make a Difference

We had first started with highlighting and eventually tried a new look with darker hair. There were several hair options we had looked at, and you can decide, but I feel she looks much more in her own element with darker hair. Please follow and like us:

Creating a Completely New Look

For this session, my client came in for both highlights and a trim. Megan loves the experience of completely changing her image from time to time. We worked to change her length initially, and then later on, with the season change, she wanted an entirely new look. She wanted to see if anyone would recognize

Personal Style Transformation After Overcoming Haircut PTSD

One of my new clients had a bad experience at a salon where her hair was chopped off, without considering the shape of her face and what would look best for her. Working with overcoming hair styling traumas is something that I encounter frequently, where there is hesitation and trust issues.

Before and After Hair Transformation

Clients like this young woman love their before and after transformations when getting hair styles at The Zen of Beauty. Please follow and like us:


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