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Why I Decided To Ditch Chemicals And Go Organic With My Hair Dye

Trust me, when it comes to hair dye, I’m as picky as an amateur can be. I’ve been dyeing my hair red for 12 years, and I’ve managed to pick up a few tricks: I know exactly what to say to get the right shade (“copper tones, not purple”) and I’ve strategized how to reduce

Autumn Transformations for Skin Health

  According to ancient Taoism and the 5 element theory used in Chinese Medicine each season or element relates to a paired organ system in the body as well as a taste and a color . In the latter days of summer September and early October we are in the element of Earth sweetness. Sugar

Transformations Start From Within

Published in Natural Life News and Directory, 2015. Winter transforms into Spring In Chinese Medicine we study nature and the seasons as it relates to health and beauty. Beauty is another word for balance. balance of body mind and soul, health of the body mind and soul. Winter is a yin time, time for meditating,

The Root and the Branch – Finding your secret to Healthy Radiant Skin

Yes, hopefully you have healthy radiant skin but most people (mainly women) desire more than what they already have to aspire for that perfect facial skin. So what is the secret (besides good healthy genes )? According to the Ancient Chinese Medicine Radiant Skin you have a root and a branch to everything. The branch


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